Step 1

Call our Stand The Heat WV hotline at (304) 725-9111

Our recruitment coordinator, Elizabeth Granzow, would love to speak to you about the program, and answer any questions that you may have!

Step 2

Pick Your Station

Use the “Station Info” section of the website to figure out which of Jefferson County’s seven volunteer fire departments best suits you!

Step 3

Contact the Station

Once you decide which station is the best fit, use the “Station Info” to call the front office at your station of choice. They will help you schedule a time to come by and visit.

Step 4

Visit the Station

Check out the station, meet some of the members, and get a feel for what it’s like to volunteer. This will be a great time to check out the apparatus and gear. & Before you leave, make sure to get a membership application!

Step 5

Turn in Your Application

If you are sure that the fire service is right for you, then it is important that you turn in your application as soon as possible. At that point, the station will run a background check, and hold a vote to see if you qualify to enter.

Step 6

Stand the Heat

Shortly after being accepted by your station of choice, Allen Keyser will help you schedule a complete physical (NFPA 1582). Once you pass the physical, you will begin to receive your gear and training. Congratulations, you are now a volunteer firefighter!


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, then there will never be a better time to join than now! Our Stand the Heat WV program will help provide all the information, guidance, and funding that you will need to become a well-prepared volunteer! Here are some of the benefits that you will receive, free-of-charge, once you decide to join:


The first thing you will receive is a complete NFPA 1582 physical, which includes a treadmill test. To ensure the health and safety of our firefighters, we require that you pass this physical to continue in the program.


Classes paid for under our program include: Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, and EMT. There are a variety of class times offered throughout the week, including nights and weekends, to help accommodate your schedule. West Virginia even offers online courses for your convenience!


Proper gear is essential in ensuring the safety of our volunteers. That is why after you pass your physical, we will provide a complete set of brand-new, state of the art gear, tailored to fit you!


The fire service can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career. However, no matter what future career field you choose, volunteering will look great on your resume!


Any higher education (college or technical school) student that enters our program may be eligible to receive a $2,000 tuition reimbursement stipend that is renewable at the beginning of each new school year.


Station 1


Chief: Ronnie Shutts

1050 Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

(304) 535-2211


Station 2


Chief: Larry Herbst

245 Citizens Way
Charles Town, WV 25414

(304) 725-2814

Website · Facebook

Station 3


Chief: Ross Morgan

8052 Martinsburg Pike
Shepherdstown, WV 25443

(304) 876-2311

Website · Facebook

Station 4
Independent Fire Company


Chief: Donnie Lamham

200 W. 2nd Avenue
Ranson WV 25438

(304) 725-2514

Website · Facebook

Station 5
Blue Ridge


Chief: Earl Cogle

181 Keyes Gap Road
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425

(304) 728-8006


Station 6


Chief: Mike Mood

110 Dark Hill Road
Kearneysville, West Virginia 25430

(304) 725-0006


Station 7


Chief: Josh Smith

891 Carter Avenue
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

(304) 876-0007

Website · Facebook


Where does the money come from to pay for a program like this?

The Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency (JCESA) applied for a $960,710 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grant in August of 2016. JCESA was lucky enough to receive the grant, and has been working hard to build a successful program ever since.

How long will the program run?

The FEMA grant which currently funds our program will last four years, but we plan to apply for more funding in 2020 to keep the program running.

Is there an age limit?

The age limit can vary by station. At every station you must be 18 or older to become a full active member, but some stations have a program that allows you to join as a junior member (16 to 18).

Can a junior firefighter join through this program?

Yes, but the station of choice must allow for junior members.

What trainings are required to become a certified firefighter in West Virginia?

You will need to take Firefighter 1 & 2 to become a certified firefighter.

Do I have to live in Jefferson County to join this program?

No, but you must volunteer at a Jefferson County Volunteer Department.

How active do I have to be at my station of choice?

Every station has different requirements, but the fire service is looking for committed individuals.

What is the training like?

Firefighter 1 is a 120 hours course, including 6 hours of CPR and 34 hours of hazmat. Firefighter 2 is a 40-hour course.

Does the program pay for EMT as well?

Yes, but you must become an active volunteer firefighter first.

Are there any live-in programs?

Yes, Shepherdstown and Middleway have live-in programs. If you are interested in going to school while volunteering, Shepherd University is less than a mile from Shepherdstown’s station.


Elizabeth Granzow, Recruitment Coordinator

419 16th Ave, Ranson, WV 25438

(304) 725-9111 • Facebook

“The few things that I have seen since I joined the fire department have definitely changed my outlook on life. I have matured a lot. I have learned to always appreciate what you have, because it could always be worse. The fire service has taught me to appreciate life and surround yourself with great people.”

—Daniel Bohen, joined StandTheHeatWV in December of 2016.